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SHoC COC Ceremony Invitation

Attention all cadets….135 Squadron has been invited to participate in the Change of Command (COC) ceremony with the Seaforth Highlanders in September.  This is an opportunity for up to ten (10) cadets to be part of the parade and ceremony.  This will be similar to the Highland Homecoming but on a smaller scale. All cadets […]

Year End BBQ moved to Bessborough Armoury

Reminder.. due to the predicted rain for Thursday, we have moved the year end BBQ and Camp Briefings back to Bessborough Armoury. Yes, there will still be lots of food, so come hungry!  Yes, there will be games and fun, so no uniforms!!   And yes, there will still be wetness, so bring a towel!!! […]

Regional Camp Spares List Available

Attention all cadets…. Some camp spare spots have become available.  And others may come available at the last minute. Camp Management always tries to have some names as spares for camps in case cadets who are selected cannot attend, or in case cadets must cancel at the last minute. We have been advised that there […]

FTX Fortitude Permission Slips

Good Afternoon The final details of the Fortitude have been released and the permission slips can be found below. Please ensure that you bring your permission slip along with all the appropriate kit with you this Friday. Cadets to arrive at Bessborough Armoury on 9 June by 1600 Hrs. Cadets will be back on 11 […]

Announcements 2017.06.01

Age out of FSgt Rivera, Javier FSgt Rivera is aging out of the Air Cadet programme in August this summer FSgt Rivera’s accomplishments since joining Air Cadets in 2012 have been many.  For example, over 30 hours of fam flying, receiving the CO’s Challenge Coin, attending many camps, courses, and exercises. We thank FSgt Rivera […]

Announcements 2015.05.25

FTX Fortitude 9-11 June Sign Up Sheet available here Open to ALL cadets This exercise is fun and games… similar to Survivor with competitions, challenges, prizes and more. Awards Dinner 3 June $20 deposit must be paid to the sponsoring committee If you attend the dinner, you get your deposit back! Open and mandatory to […]