SHoC COC Ceremony Invitation

Attention all cadets….135 Squadron has been invited to participate in the Change of Command (COC) ceremony with the Seaforth Highlanders in September.  This is an opportunity for up to ten (10) cadets to be part of the parade and ceremony.  This will be similar to the Highland Homecoming but on a smaller scale.

All cadets who are proficient in Rifle Drill, Dress and Deportment are encouraged to sign up for this rare opportunity.

Rehearsal is Saturday 9 September, 2017 from 0830-1600hrs at the Jericho Garrison on W4th.  Dress is parade boots.  Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Ceremony is Sunday 10 September, 2017 from 0830-1600hrs at the Seaforth Armoury at Burrard & 1st Ave.  Dress is full uniform. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

We are attempting to arrange transportation but until it is confirmed, please ensure you have rides/carpools to/from the locations.

This is a commitment for BOTH days, please make sure you are able to fulfil both Saturday and Sunday.

Cadets who are interested in participating but not parading, are also encouraged to sign up, indicating “other” as your preference.  There is always the possibility of other tasks that we can perform and be part of the event.

Because summer camps, summer vacations and summer jobs are in full swing, please reach out to your fellow cadets, phoning trees, etc. to spread the word.

Sign up sheet is now available on the squadron website.