Squadron Announcements - Week of September 5th, 2019

1.Battle of Britain Parade - September 8th

  1. This mandatory parade for cadets will be held on September 8th Sunday.

  2. Cadets are to arrive at Stanley Park, Air Force Garden of Remembrance at 1215PM in full uniform.

  3. Cadets please sign up here.

2.Canadian Museum of Flight

  1. The squadron is planning a trip to the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley.

  2. This opportunity to learn more about Canadian aviation will be help on September 28th.

  3. Sign up here.

3.Level 5 Training Weekend

  1. There will be a level 5 training workshop on the weekend of September 28th-29th.

  2. The workshop will be held at Seaforth. The workshop will most likely be the whole day so please plan your schedule accordingly.

  3. Sign up here.

4.Name Tag Order

  1. Cadets in need of a new name tag please fill out the order form here. Payment will be discussed during training night.