What does the SSC Do?

Our amazing volunteer Parent Squadron Sponsoring Committee is the local level of administration of the Air Cadet League of Canada. Bell-Irving Squadron Sponsoring Committee provides leadership for parents of new recruits as well as for returning parents of more senior cadets. Our SSC has many responsibilities throughout the training year which we take seriously and dedicate countless volunteer hours so that our cadets can have the finest and the most progressive experience as possible. Our SSC promotes friendship, fun and a place where all parents can have a voice and all parents are welcome to volunteer as official members of our Squadron. We do it all for our cadets!

As a reliable and loyal presence, the SSC has a responsibility to raise as much funds as humanly possible with many goals throughout the training year. We always look to increase our fundraising by working together and having the involvement and participation of our local diverse communities and neighborhoods.


Our mission is simple. We are all parent volunteers. We want to see our cadets succeed in every aspect of their squadron, their own personal private and public lives through the programs and activities organized and managed by the SSC and officers of 135 Bell-Irving Squadron. We want to set a positive example for cadets and parents so that our cadets are as prepared as they can be to face the real world as loyal, determined and caring adults.


All parents give back in their own special ways. By being actively involved with the Squadron, volunteering their time and contributing to fundraisers, are the 2 important ways that are appreciated by all, especially each cadet. When we volunteer our time to different programs that the officers manage, other parents will see that it is in the cadets best interests to be involved and participate as much as possible.

SSC Contact

Board Of Directors

ChairPerson: CarolineTran 135sscchair@gmail.com

Vice ChairPerson: Crystal Jin 135sscvicechair@gmail.com

Acting Treasurer: Yolanda Hayward 135ssctreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary: Andrew Woo 135sscsecretary@gmail.com

Administration Staff

Registration Director: Janet Li 135sscregistration@gmail.com

Communications: Randy Petersen 135ssccommunication@gmail.com

Fundraising Director: Grace Sun 135sscfundraising@gmail.com

Acting Program Director: Maria Kopystecki 135ssc@gmail.com

Canteen/Gift Shop Coordinators: Fiona Sun & Sophy Yin 135ssc@gmail.com

Members At Large: Barbara Peters & Coy Travers 135ssc@gmail.com